I love this podcast. Ever since I started learning Danish this has been such a help to me. It's functional language in everyday situations everyone is likely to encounter, tons of everyday phrases which make you sound more "native" and she gives clear explanations about when and how to use them. I love it and recommend it highly!

by 'languageenthusiast'




Much more confident

I'm on the plane, waiting to take off for CPH, feeling excited, and much more confident in my Danish language skills. Thanks for making the very helpful and entertaining Copenhagencast podcasts!

by Bob Nielson




The best introduction to a new language I've ever found.

Louise does a wonderful job of making language accessible to all who are willing to learn. She does not just state direct translations but includes common social usage of words, and encourages students to continue learning on their own with specific tools and techniques. Louise teaches us that through learning to listen for elements that we arlready know, we can be more confidant in our attempts to learn a new language and have fun connecting with other people as we learn.

by 'dicea'




I owe it all to Copenhagencast!

I am an avid tango dancer here in Eugene, Oregon, and there was a Danish woman whom I particularly love dancing with. I had heard from friends that she was single…So, what to do?


She had been living here in the States for more than two decades, so communication was not an issue. I needed something extra to woo her. Learning Danish came to mind! So I went looking for language learning podcasts and found yours.


I was especially encouraged when I saw your lesson "How to seduce a Dane”.


I downloaded the podcast, and I practiced and practiced. After a few weeks, I finally got up the courage to ask her the big question on the dance floor... "Skal jeg ikke lige snuppe et viskestykke?"


After I delivered my line of seduction, she laughed so hard that it took her a few minutes to gather her composure so we could actually start dancing. Then I explained to her about your podcast, and asked her if I could open the door for her and get us some coffee...To make a long story short... It worked! Now I call her "min smukke viskestykke." We have become more than friends, and I owe it all to you. Tak så meget!

by Leonard Kruse, Oregon