pdf lesson notes

What you get

Pdf lesson notes from Copenhagencast include Danish transcript, vocabulary, translation and bonus audio files with pronunciation first aid kit, where everything is pronounced slowly, then faster and finally at native speed.


There is one set of Pdf lesson notes and bonus audio to support each podcast episode. And you can download a free sample right now.


The price is 260 Danske kroner, but I am offering it for free.



How to get it

All you have to do is give me some feedback:

1. Write a note about how you found Copenhagencast.

2. Write a note about why you learn Danish.

3. Send your notes to purchase@copenhagencast.com.

4. You immediately get your personal login details with a link to the archive where you can:

5. Download and study Pdf lesson notes and bonus audio files from Copenhagencast.