Copenhagencast since 2008

I started Copenhagencast in 2008 as a hobby project. Since then it has grown, and the feedback I get from all over the world from listeners like you really gives me the fuel to keep making episodes.


I have worked as a language instructor and have learned 6 languages myself. I believe that our learning process is more fun, when we allow ourselves to try different methods and develop our own personal learning style. And when we do it this way, we learn faster and retain more.


Each episode is crafted with love and the faith that we all can become successful language learners. I love my native language and I hope to inspire you to find your own style as you learn it. You can begin with the first episode, or simply begin with any episode, that appeals to you.


My name is Louise Sand and you can send me your thoughts and ideas via


Venlig hilsen = Kind regards